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Research Support Staff

   Patrick Boynton, Research Technician
                       Specialization: Great Lakes


   Thomas Brooking, Research Support Specialist
                       Specialization: Fisheries Management


      Joe Connolly, Research Technician
                           Specialization: Great Lakes invertebrate ecology


Cameron Davis



Cameron Davis, Temporary Research Technician



Kristen Holeck



Kristen Holeck, Research Support Specialist
Specialization: Lower food web dynamics and invasive species





Michelle Holeck, Administrative Assistant




Chris Hotaling, Research Technician
Specialization: Invertebrate ecology, water chemistry




 Chris Marshall, Research Technician
 Specialization: Great Lakes invertebrate ecology




Nikki Saavedra, Fisheries Technician                                                                                                                 Specialization: Fisheries management



Jake VanDeValk, Fisheries Technician





Tony VanDeValk, Research Support Specialist, and Coordinator of the Oneida Lake Fisheries Program
Specialization: Fisheries management


    Beth Whitmore, Research Technician
                       Specialization: Great Lakes invertebrate ecology

Maintenance Staff

Brian Young



Brian Young, Facilities Supervisor



Brian Holeck, Temporary Maintenance Technician

Post-Doctoral Researchers and Visiting Scientists

Tom Evans, Post-Doctoral Researcher


Extension Educator

Dave White, New York Sea Grant
Specialization: Education Initiative

Adjunct/Emeritus Professors

John Forney
Specialization: Fisheries, predator-prey inter­actions

David Green
Specialization: Fisheries management, predator-prey interactions, fish sampling

Edward Mills
Specialization: Predator-prey interactions, ecology of exotics, freshwater food webs 

Randy Jackson
Specialization: Fisheries ecology, population dynamics, fish community interactions