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2021 Publications:

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In Press:

George, E, D Crabtree, M Hare, LG Rudstam. Early life history of cisco and lake whitefish in Chaumont Bay, Lake Ontario: distribution and lack of predation by alewife and rainbow smelt. Arch. Hydrobiol.

George, E 2019 in press. Communicating through social media at scientific meetings.  Arch. Hydrobiol

2020 Publications:

Andres, K. J., S. A. Sethi, E. Duskey, J. M. Lepak, A. N. Rice, B. J. Estabrook, K. B. Fitzpatrick, E. George, B. Marcy-Quay, M. R. Paufve, K. Perkins, and A. E. Scofield. 2020. Seasonal habitat use indicates that depth may mediate the potential for invasive round goby impacts in inland lakes. Freshwater Biology on line.

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