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Aquatic plant ecology in China

Yushun Chen (Institute of Hydrology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan), Bin Zhu (Hartford University) and Rudstam

The Institute of Hydrology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located in Wuhan and includes one of the largest botanical garden collections of aquatic plants in China. Research at this facility involves aquaculture, climate change effects, environmental pollution issues, eutrophication and lake restoration.  Rudstam and Zhu, who worked together on aquatic plants and mussels at CBFS in the 2000s are collaborating with one of the Academy scientists, Dr Yushun Chen, on a couple of projects about aquatic plant ecology in central China. Two papers were published in 2020 by Dr Chen’s student Wentong Xia. The first explored the heavy metal gradient from rural to urban settings around Wuhan city, and the second studies presented new information on salinity tolerance of several submerged aquatic plants.