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Benthification and lake restoration in China

Xiufeng Zhang and Zhenweng Liu (Jinan University), Xueying Mei (Anhui University),  Erik Jeppessen (Sino-Danish Centre in Beijung), Jotaro Urabe (Tohoku University, Japan) Bill Taylor (Waterloo University, Canada), Rudstam.

Lake restoration is a large issue in China and scientists are actively researching top down regulation, aquatic plants, and mussel restorations as tools for lake restoration, in addition to nutrient loading reductions.  During their stay at CBFS, Xiufeng Zhang and Xueying Mei worked on mussels as causes of increased water clarity and on the effect of fish in ecosystems. They were also involved with P cycling using techniques developed with Bill Taylor at Waterloo. Together with Erik Jeppesen, Zhengwen Liu and students at both Anhui Agricultural University in Hefei City and Jinan University in Guangzhou, we continue with various experiments in mesocosm as well as applications to lake restoration. This work is funded from various national and regional Chinese sources. In 2020, two papers were published in international journals, and two more accepted. In addition, Oneida Lake and the long-term data is described in a national Chinese journal article in Chinese.