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Global evaluation of the impacts of storms on freshwater habitat and structure of phytoplankton assemblages

Orlane Anneville (INRA, France), Bas Ibelings (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Jason Stockwell and Jonathan Doubek (University of Vermont), Lars Rudstam and other GLEON collaborators

The GEISHA project relates the effects of physical disturbances and water column stability on plankton communities. This project started in 2015 and received additional funding for 2016-2018 in both the US and France to do comparative analysis of long-term data series of phytoplankton, including Oneida Lake, to better understand the effect of storms on phytoplankton community organization. A paper on storm effects was published in 2020 in Global Change Biology and the work continues with two more papers, one on the effect of storms on temperature stratification published in 2021 in Limnology and Oceanography (Doubek et al. 2021) and another on the effects of storms on phytoplankton succession published in Global Change Biology (Kakouei et al. 2021). Oneida Lake is one of 8 lakes worldwide that allowed detailed analysis of storm effects.