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New Project: Temperature sentinels northeast North America: In-depth study of lake thermal responses and teleconnections in northeastern North America

Amy Hetherington, Dave Richardson (SUNY New Paltz), Stephanie Melles (Ryerson University), Rachel Pilla (Miami University), Lesley Knoll (University of Minnesota), Craig Williamson (Miami University), Rudstam and Jackson and other GLEON collaborators. 

The project investigates links between climate forcing and lake temperatures for lakes in NENA. The team has compiled at least 15 years of lake temperature profiles and characteristics for 400+ lakes in NENA. Based on the concept that lakes integrate physical forcing over time, the team is using a minimum of one profile per year, close to the period of maximum thermal stratification, to initially address questions such as 1.) Has lake thermal structure changed in recent decades? 2.) What types of lakes are more effective sentinels of climate change? 3.) Do teleconnections (e.g., ENSO and NAO) influence lake thermal structure? 4.) Is lake thermal structure response to telecommunications influenced by factors, such as lake surface area, depth, water transparency, and distance to the coast?