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Zooplankton across Space and Time (ZooST)

Lia Ivanick, Ariana Chiapella, Jason Stockwell (University of Vermont), Stephanie Figary, and others in GLEON

The GLEON Zooplankton as Indicators Group is working closely with a new GLEON working group, ZooST, that was formed October 2020 at GLEON 21.5. This project is using existing zooplankton data to test the reproducibility of different Space-for-Time-substitutions in large multi-lake “snapshot” surveys (e.g., USEPA National Lakes Assessments) by testing if similar regional results would occur if the lakes were sampled at different times over the growing season. ZIG and ZooST launched a joint data call to the GLEON community in 2021 and has started the process of data homogenization.