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Great Lakes

Nikki Saavedra aboard the Lake Guardian

In 2015, CBFS continued to be at the forefront of Great Lakes research. We entered our third year of our collaboration with Buffalo State University in monitoring all five Great Lakes with the US EPA Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) based in Chicago. We joined scientists from EPA, USGS, and Central Michigan University in sampling Lake Michigan for the Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative’s (CSMI) intensive sampling year of 2015. We continue to collaborate with regional, state and federal agencies and academics in the analysis of data for the CSMI year of 2013 for Lake Ontario with the goal of publishing two special issues in the Journal of Great Lakes Research. We received funding from the Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) to hire a data analyst to compile and share this dataset. CBFS scientists are involved in evaluating indicator time series for zooplankton and invasive species for the State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC). In addition, NYSDEC, USGS and USFWS collaborate with us on a lower trophic level biomonitoring program in Lake Ontario, a program that has been continuous since 1995. We also continued our efforts at understanding the effects of viruses on crustaceans with Ian Hewson, a project on the effects of invasive species on the economics of angling with Richard Ready, Bruce Lauber, Richard Stedman and others, and studies on cisco spawning behavior in Lake Ontario. We completed a project on Lake Champlain with Vermont Fish and Wildlife and University of Vermont scientists. Two new Lake Ontario projects have been funded by New York Sea Grant- a project aimed at restoring the native cisco population, and a second using state of the art tag technology to track Chinook salmon for comparison to spatial distributions of food resources.