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CSMI Lake Michigan 2015

Lars Rudstam, Toby Holda, Annie Scofield, Joe Connolly, Jim Watkins, Paris Collingsworth (EPA), Glenn Warren (EPA), Joel Hoffman (EPA Duluth), Bo Bunnell and Dave Warner (USGS), Hunter Carrick and students (Central Michigan University). 

CBFS participated in this large multiagency effort on the lake in 2015, including three cruises out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the Lake Guardian in May, July, and September. The sampling approach consisted of four nearshore-offshore transects in southern Lake Michigan in coordination with sampling of northern Lake Michigan by the EPA-Mid East Division workgroup from Duluth on the Lake Explorer. USGS in Ann Arbor sampled the fishery at all of these locations and seasons. Sampling was conducted in day and night to identify diel vertical migration patterns. Sampling included Seabird profiles, water collection for nutrients, chl, and phytoplankton, and net sampling for zooplankton and mysids. The nearshore to offshore transects included towing hydroacoustics and Triaxus gear for high resolution measurements.