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CSMI Lake Ontario 2013

Lars Rudstam, Jim Watkins, Annie Scofield, Toby Holda, Nicole Saavedra, Lyndsie Collis and the binational Lake Ontario research community 

The emphasis for 2015 was to continue to compile data from all participating agencies into comprehensive databases towards initial analysis and interpretation. A data management mini-grant from the Great Lake Observing System (GLOS) enabled us to hire data analyst Matt Paufve. Several CBFS scientists presented results from our research at the 2015 meeting of the International Association of Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) in Burlington, Vermont. In November, we traveled to the other Burlington (Ontario) to present at a workshop for the Lake Ontario research community to present preliminary analysis and identify workgroups. Special issues in the Journal of Great Lakes Research have been planned. A comprehensive report includes two-page summaries for each food web component for the study that was completed in the end of 2015.