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Lake Ontario 2018 Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative (CSMI)

Jim Watkins, Sarah Schaefer, Pat Boynton, Gabriella Doud, Joe Connolly, Chris Marshall, Beth Whitmore (Funding from Great Lakes Restoration Initiative – EPA&USGS)  

2019 was a year of processing samples and compiling data from the Lake Ontario sampling effort of 2018 that included monthly sampling of five cross-lake transects.  We collaborated with US EPA MED in Duluth, MN, EPA Region 2 in NYC, EPA GLNPO in Chicago, and Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Sarah Schaefer and Patrick Boynton under the leadership of Gabriella Doud processed all the zooplankton and mysids samples, and preliminary data was presented at IAGLR in Brockport, NY.  Jim Watkins is currently coordinating with collaborators in the development of a comprehensive database and a special issue in Journal of Great Lakes Research in 2021.  The International Joint Commission (IJC) sponsored a workshop at SUNY Buffalo State College in November 2019 supporting these efforts.