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New project: Great Lake Observing System (GLOS) data management mini-grant

Jim Watkins, Brian Weidel, Matt Paufve, Lars Rudstam

Sampling of Lake Ontario in 2013 required coordination of several binational agencies to sample specific regions toward a holistic coverage of the lake in space and time. An existing challenge is to combine these disparate datasets into a single comprehensive package usable and accessible to managers and scientists. CBFS secured funding from the Great Lake Observing System (GLOS) to hire data analyst Matt Paufve to lead the compilation of the 2013 data as well as historical data spanning 50 years of research on Lake Ontario. Data include water column profiles (Seabird as well as old-school bathythermograph), discrete water samples (chlorophyll and nutrients), and biotic data (benthos, phytoplankton, and zooplankton).