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Completed Project: Effect of changes in water clarity on fish and fisheries in the Great Lakes.

David Bunnell (USGS), Stu Ludsin (Ohio State University), Hank Vanderploeg (NOAA_GLERL), Craig Williamson (Miana University), Lars Rudstam (Cornell), Annie Scofield, Thomas Hook and Paris Collingsworth (Purdue), Marten Koops (DFO Canada), Roger Knight (GLFC), Rick Barbiero and Barry Lesht (GLNPO EPA and GDIT)

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) Science Transfer Board commissioned a workshop process to better understand and communicate relationships among lower trophic level change and fish community and fisheries change in the Great Lakes. As part of this workshop, a subgroup discussed the effect of water clarity on fish and fisheries. These discussions expanded to a perspectives paper to be completed in 2020.