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HABs & Hypoxia Impacts on Lake Erie Food Webs (CSMI-2019)

Stu Ludsin, Jim Hood, (Ohio State), Warren Currie, Kelly Bowen, Mohi Munawar, Heather Niblock (DFO Canada), Katelyn Bockwoldt, Joel Hoffman, David Bolgrien, Anne Cotter, Thomas Hollenhorst, Terri Jicha, Anne Ospeth, (EPA-ORD in Duluth), Lars Rudstam, Jim Watkins (Cornell), Paris Collingworth, Tomas Hook (Purdue), Tom Johengen, Steve Pothoven, Henry Vanderploeg (NOAA GLERL).

During the CSMI year 2019, this group sampled along a gradient of hypoxia and a gradient of Microcystis blooms to evaluate the effect of each stressor on the distribution and food web interactions from fish to zooplankton, phytoplankton and microbial groups.  Analyses includes hydroacoustics, LOPC, stratified zooplankton samples, microcystin concentrations, fish diets, stable isotopes, and primary production.  The group met by zoom through 2020 and 2021 to discuss data, analyses and results and a number of presentations and publications are planned for 2022.