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Mysis ecology in the Great Lakes

Toby Holda, Jim Watkins, Lars Rudstam, Patrick Boynton Patrick Sullivan  (Cornell University), Brian O’Malley, Brian Weidel (USGS), Dave Warner (USGS), Steve Pothoven (NOAA-GLERL), Kelly Bowen (DFO Canada), Jeremy Holden (OMNRF), Mike Connerton (NYSDEC), (funded by GLNPO-EPA)

 Mysids are an important native species in all the Great Lakes. Understanding mysid ecology is an essential component of understanding these systems as the species is both a major predator on zooplankton and a major prey for alewife, smelt and native coregonids. Even so, there are multiple questions about mysid ecology that remain unanswered. In 2019, we published data on production of mysids in Lake Ontario (Holda et al. 2019), completed a manuscript on Michigan mysids from the CSMI year of 2015, and began investigating the time series in other sampling gear to complement the more limited mysid net data series.