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Food Security

Karim-Aly Kassam, Randy Jackson, Iriel Edwards (Funded by CBFS Summer Fellowship)

This project organically emerged from the Ecological Calendars Project. In 2018, undergraduate intern, Iriel Edwards, investigated how hunting, fishing, and foraging, create food sovereignty and achieve security within communities in the Oneida Lake watershed through sharing networks. She interviewed 20 local sportsmen and women, mushroom foragers, and those involved in the donation or sale of country foods and products to better understand why people partake in these activities and to what extent. She continued this work with interviews in early 2020 to get winter use. In addition to the interviews, a subsistence survey was distributed through local sportsmen clubs and outdoor groups to assess what wildlife foods are eaten, at what time of the year, and how they are acquired. The survey demonstrates that people greatly use these activities to acquire food and majorities of participants share the country foods they acquire with their friends, family, and members of the community. This applied research provides insight into food security under conditions of anthropogenic climate change.