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Food web changes in Onondaga Lake

Lars Rudstam, Chris Hotaling, Dave Matthews, Chris Gandino, Janaki Suryadevara (Funded by Onondaga County, NY)

CBFS has been involved with studies on Onondaga Lake since the late 1990s.  With the improvement to the lake, Onondaga County is no longer required to monitor the lower trophic levels and our involvement in the report and analysis of these data is waning. We finished the last reports in 2019 and are in the process of writing a couple of papers using these data. The lake has improved considerably during the last two decades through the efforts of both Onondaga County and Honeywell. It has been a pleasure to observe the positive response of the lake ecosystem to management.  We have also seen interesting biological patterns, among the most interesting is the decline in quagga mussels following the arrival of round goby in 2011. The mussel data from this lake represent one of the longest continuing annual measurements of the mussel populations and were used in a global analysis of mussel dynamics published in 2019