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Sonic HABS disruption and fish effects

Rod Getchell, Ellen George, Aaron Rice, Lars Rudstam, (Funded by New York State)

The purpose of this study is to gather the data necessary to determine if the use of ultrasonic algal control devices in New York waters will cause unreasonable harm to resident fish species. Considering New York invests millions of dollars annually to provide world class fishing opportunities to residents and visitors, it is critical that we determine the impacts, if any, the statewide application of this technology will have on recreational and ecologically important fish species. In 2019, we collected information on whether (1) the ultrasonic control devises results in harmful histological and morphological effects on species of recreationally and ecologically important fish species; and (2) the ultrasonic devices caused behavioral responses of fish in the field. So far, analysis suggests that there are no harmful effects.