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Hg dynamics in fish around New York State following the invasion of round goby

Suresh Sethi, Lisa Cleckner, Roxanne Razavi, Randy Jackson, Lars Rudstam (Funded by NY Water Resources Institute)

The exotic round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) quickly reaches high biomass in invaded lakes including upstate New York lakes like Oneida. As an abundant new ecosystem component, round goby enter the food web and their impact on contaminant cycling is a management concern.  As predators, round goby foraging behavior potentially exposes them to high contaminant loads, consuming benthic invertebrates and filter feeding invasive mussels.  As prey, goby have been recorded in stomachs of almost all resident gamefish in invaded waterbodies.  This group studies the potential for goby to impact predatory gamefish contaminant loads which may be affected by both biomagnification or growth dilution.  Here, we seek to fill that knowledge gap by providing information on both round goby and top predator contaminant loads pre- and post-goby invasions.  The project is now in writing stage.